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Bitcoin.com Gifts are bitcoin wallets that can be shared physically or digitally. If your Gift is not claimed by its expiration date, your money is automatically returned to you.
No. Your Gifts are created from a private key (represented by a 12-word mnemonic seed) generated by your browser. The transactions that return your Gifts to you are also generated and signed by this private key when your Gifts are created. Bitcoin.com stores these transactions and broadcasts them when your Gift has expired. In theory, Bitcoin.com could maliciously refund your Gifts early. But that's not really what we're into.
The code that generates your Gifts runs in your web browser (not our server) and does not share the private key.
When your Gifts are created, information about them is shared with a Bitcoin.com server. This information is either (a) publicly available on the BCH blockchain, (b) optional (your email address if you want to receive notifications), or (c) non-custodial, e.g. your refund transactions do not include your private key and can only be used to refund your money to the address you specified.
We advise against trusting third parties, especially when it comes to your money. Bitcoin.com Gifts is open source. You can verify that no private key information is ever shared with our server.
Since we do not have access to your 12-word seed, we can't help you import your seed to manage your Gifts. If you do lose your 12-word seed, your Gifts will still be refunded automatically according to your set expiration date.